Tyler, The Creator - MASSA (Live at the AMAs)

Published on Nov 22, 2021
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CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is out now: tylerthecreator.lnk.to/CMIYGL

Tyler, The Creator
Tyler, The Creator
  • Rendale William

    Rendale William

    3 hours ago

    Bro have a feelin that suitcase value goes up each time he touches it. Gonna end up in an art museum somewhere where they will honor him for conquering the music industry

  • GiffGaming


    4 hours ago


  • TatJ420


    6 hours ago




    7 hours ago

    03:16 Just for y'all to tell me I'm not good from y'all lunch break.

  • Ishhy


    7 hours ago

    Andre 3000 flow, Tyler rarely gets compared to him but their flows are similar

  • Oleg Pshenichnikov

    Oleg Pshenichnikov

    8 hours ago

    робокоп влюбился

  • Kit Sune

    Kit Sune

    11 hours ago

    He blinks lots before he stares into the camera zamn

  • chenveshko


    12 hours ago

    01:56, тем временем мои тараканы в голове

  • ReeReese


    17 hours ago

    tyler the legend

  • Claire shefferly

    Claire shefferly

    19 hours ago

    Keep my eyes open when I pray cause I can't trust God either... yo the feelllsss

  • Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd

    19 hours ago

    this nigga went off

  • midari ikishima's wife

    midari ikishima's wife

    19 hours ago

    this is so raw. tyler never fails to impress me

  • john montoya

    john montoya

    21 hour ago

    Come on man chill! This was greater than most people will understand. Dope!!

  • p74k


    22 hours ago

    he saw the wave and said wait up, I came first

  • Mizz Allexence

    Mizz Allexence

    Day ago


  • Екатерина Щеникова

    Екатерина Щеникова

    Day ago

    Он одет так, как типичный русский мужик, который вышел на крыльцо дома покурить👍



    Day ago

    GO!! GO!!

  • Neonartwoman


    Day ago


  • Ruby Jones

    Ruby Jones

    Day ago

    this is INCREDIBLE

  • Just Truth

    Just Truth

    Day ago

    That color though , I wouldn’t paint mine black but teal shit maybe

  • Assassinunhinged


    Day ago




    Day ago


  • trent in the trees

    trent in the trees

    Day ago

    Fucking fire

  • Chris Lott

    Chris Lott

    Day ago

    1:56 was actually insane, too smooth

  • dre isabelle

    dre isabelle

    Day ago

    i always look forward to see his stage production. nothing like it

  • J Mama

    J Mama

    Day ago


  • Ñiceman


    2 days ago

    Where do I get a hat like that?

  • ben flamini

    ben flamini

    2 days ago

    Only crazy chicks and entitled dudes listen too tyler

    • Hey You

      Hey You

      Day ago

      I MADE A REMIX TO TYLER SONG 🤍🤍usbil.info/free/lGig2cugpW-lpJE/video.html

  • Penguin Jam

    Penguin Jam

    2 days ago

    Remember that this guy did The Grinch's soundtracks

  • Dylan Weese

    Dylan Weese

    2 days ago

    is tyler okay? lol

    • Hey You

      Hey You

      Day ago

      I MADE A REMIX TO TYLER SONG 🤍🤍usbil.info/free/lGig2cugpW-lpJE/video.html

  • Roman Sudarkin

    Roman Sudarkin

    2 days ago


  • Danica Roberts

    Danica Roberts

    2 days ago

    But I need him to direct a play on Broadway

  • 🍪


    2 days ago

    1 000 000 а? why?

  • mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    2 days ago

    finally Massa is getting the recognition it deserves! this song is my favorite from CMIYGL ❤️

  • Justin Jurado

    Justin Jurado

    2 days ago




    2 days ago

    Every typical Delhi Girl dresses like Tyler... In dead winters!
    😅.. Hugs from INDIA 🇮🇳

  • DMV Worldstar

    DMV Worldstar

    2 days ago


  • Pibe Del Hood

    Pibe Del Hood

    2 days ago

    10/10 !

  • Ландыш Фахриева

    Ландыш Фахриева

    2 days ago

    Лайк, за ушанку из СССР! 👍

  • V L

    V L

    2 days ago

    WTF ?

  • Leslie Hughes

    Leslie Hughes

    2 days ago

    This guy may be the best presently in this genre of music.

  • hayden freeman

    hayden freeman

    2 days ago

    watched this with my mom and she said we should go see him on tour

  • Djé Tox

    Djé Tox

    2 days ago

    pire mierda i had ever ecouté

  • Саша Саша

    Саша Саша

    2 days ago

    повара пекут друг другу торты

  • Вадим Чуб

    Вадим Чуб

    2 days ago

    Вот это действительно круто!!!! =)

  • Сергей Сергеев

    Сергей Сергеев

    2 days ago

    Eli porter

  • PonchoJoe


    2 days ago

    Gonna be listening to massa more now

  • KaiusBoBaius


    2 days ago

    He gets all the applause

  • Hirakish Ranasaki

    Hirakish Ranasaki

    2 days ago

    that shit hard

  • Ron Cashe

    Ron Cashe

    3 days ago

    Why is the only thing joggers talk about is money? Y'all boring and predictable AF

  • Sharez Brown

    Sharez Brown

    3 days ago

    amazing performance

  • mossab youssef

    mossab youssef

    3 days ago


  • Kazu


    3 days ago

    bro look like pennywise

  • Avenger Asemble

    Avenger Asemble

    3 days ago

    Rap ประหลาดดี,creat

  • KingKen04


    3 days ago

    Dang I don’t really listen to Tyler like that but I swear he has the best performances. His skits make the song more powerful

  • Moved


    3 days ago

    He doesn’t just perform live. He goes out there and tells you a story

  • Just Truth

    Just Truth

    3 days ago


  • Nate D

    Nate D

    3 days ago

    Tyler got tha vision

  • 김민성


    3 days ago

    I like this outfit

  • smores empty

    smores empty

    3 days ago

    mlk eh simplesmente tudo.

  • Wenonah Girard

    Wenonah Girard

    3 days ago

    I love this so, so much. Beautiful 😍

  • Emmanuella Abazie

    Emmanuella Abazie

    3 days ago

    there is no other way to describe talent

  • ASMR Court Style

    ASMR Court Style

    3 days ago

    Lawd i woulda lost my voice screamin for this man ughh😤💖

  • abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    3 days ago

    Best performer of our generation. Hands down!

  • Eddie Escobar

    Eddie Escobar

    3 days ago

    Of course CLB gets nominated and this doesn't. The fuck?

  • Bran M

    Bran M

    3 days ago

    0:50 0:53 2:17

  • Sly


    3 days ago

    Чёткий пацанчик, ровный.

  • Jenkins Montgomery

    Jenkins Montgomery

    3 days ago

    He is a weirdo.

    • The Cheddar Man

      The Cheddar Man

      22 hours ago

      He probably has more personality than you

  • Annaliese Nguyen

    Annaliese Nguyen

    3 days ago

    i love u

  • rawfer mews

    rawfer mews

    3 days ago

    I despise how everybody wants to ignore the deeper message behind this song and misconstrued it and gave it so many different meanings that don't correlate with the deeper message. Why does everybody ignore the fact that the song is titled massa which ties into slavery and being African American? and the verse where he says people (majority white people) will deny he is not from money and claim he's forgotten or does not come from his roots because the fact that he breaks the boundaries from the typical black man in America? and the fact that nobody wants to discuss the underlying message of how he's consistently stereotyped and put into boxes and held back by industry plants and fans who want him for nothing but his talent but not him as a person or to understand his message? When everybody ignores the themes in these songs they are doing the EXACT thing he knew his fans would do. Did nobody peep the reference from Mortal man? and the correlation it has to the verse where he describes picking petals from a flower? Why is nobody discussing this.

  • 1JZ_GTE


    3 days ago

    It has a doom kind of vibe

  • Onouphrios


    3 days ago

    that was an experience.

  • Real D

    Real D

    4 days ago

    He's officially just goated fuck it!!!

  • Christopher.


    4 days ago

    I really hope this album gets a Grammy

  • Big Mar

    Big Mar

    4 days ago

    This man is grown to be one of the God's of True Hip hop💯

  • Sir Kay

    Sir Kay

    4 days ago


  • DICK Kulik

    DICK Kulik

    4 days ago

    Goes hard, but everyone acts like he is so unique. He studied alot of kool keith.

  • Nathan Cooper

    Nathan Cooper

    4 days ago

    Shit CORNEY!

  • Hugo76954


    4 days ago

    Muito massa

  • Andzej S.

    Andzej S.

    4 days ago

    what is this bullshit

  • Joel Calle

    Joel Calle

    4 days ago

    30 years old wow

  • SupeRussian


    4 days ago


  • Emmanuel


    4 days ago

    i watch this again and again, what a performance.



    4 days ago


  • waba waba

    waba waba

    4 days ago

    This shot sucks bro how do people like this...?

  • wutt dafrik

    wutt dafrik

    4 days ago

    Tyler, The greatest of all time

  • Karina Rangel

    Karina Rangel

    4 days ago

    Those hops were smooth asf 👀

  • Liquidflow Beatz

    Liquidflow Beatz

    4 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 tyler killed this one

  • Outta Sight

    Outta Sight

    4 days ago

    I could watch this every day

  • Randle Sparks

    Randle Sparks

    4 days ago

    This is dope asf bro

  • Oleg Kovalenko

    Oleg Kovalenko

    4 days ago

    Oh yes ! of yes !🔥🔥🔥

  • lokman piciyat

    lokman piciyat

    4 days ago




    4 days ago

    Tyler The Creator expirience!

  • The new Creator

    The new Creator

    4 days ago

    I bet he has so much fun dancing like that on stage LOOKS FUN!

  • The new Creator

    The new Creator

    4 days ago

    Sorry I missed the show in chicago would of loved to go but did not know about it stay awesome Tyler the creator! I am willing to bet you will always have fire beats and rhymes and outfits stay awesome bro!

  • Be /ELITE

    Be /ELITE

    4 days ago

    From Sarah on bastard to this… 👏😇

  • Chris Cornell

    Chris Cornell

    4 days ago

    Omg 😱 there is real emotion here

  • External LoFi

    External LoFi

    4 days ago

    Tyler is seriously underrated!!!

  • Александр Ромашко

    Александр Ромашко

    4 days ago

    я в таком прикиде хожу на балкон курить, Тайлер лучший!

  • Василий Рамс

    Василий Рамс

    4 days ago

    А что он в ушанке? Это отсылка к чему то?