Don Toliver - Flocky Flocky (feat. Travis Scott) [Official Music Video]

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Don Toliver - Flocky Flocky (feat. Travis Scott)
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  • Plugzinn 🇧🇷

    Plugzinn 🇧🇷

    22 minutes ago

    Fire 🔥

  • Classy nez

    Classy nez

    27 minutes ago

    Video is dope!

  • XZine Beats

    XZine Beats

    32 minutes ago


  • Aris Putra

    Aris Putra

    52 minutes ago

    Where did he ordered that fried chicken ಠ_ಠ

  • rohith chelva

    rohith chelva

    Hour ago

    Am i only one who think Don toiler looks younger in the green light !!?

  • covenant prayer ministry

    covenant prayer ministry

    2 hours ago

    The melody of his voice always transmute my state of mind off universe

  • Mary elisa

    Mary elisa

    2 hours ago


  • pedro ignacio

    pedro ignacio

    2 hours ago


  • real gangsta

    real gangsta

    3 hours ago

    os cara q copia o yunk vino ai

  • DORITOSmmxheese


    3 hours ago

    I’m sorry but this would’ve been Don’s best yet if he would’ve hit this dolo.

  • zB Matt

    zB Matt

    3 hours ago

    And they said this beat wouldn’t come out.

  • Lanna Lie

    Lanna Lie

    3 hours ago

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  • Dark Love gaming

    Dark Love gaming

    3 hours ago


  • Suraj Sarthi

    Suraj Sarthi

    3 hours ago

    It's my life song 🔥🔥🔥

  • Williams Family

    Williams Family

    4 hours ago

    What’s the guitar thingie on the backdrop every drop? It’s amazing

  • Spencer Suen

    Spencer Suen

    4 hours ago

    whole album grows on you like a mf

  • Kanzer


    4 hours ago


  • Dyvon Miller III

    Dyvon Miller III

    5 hours ago

    2019 vibes WideHardo

  • Albdegjoni Erlin

    Albdegjoni Erlin

    6 hours ago

    Beat crazy damn great colab

  • Alejandro Calderon

    Alejandro Calderon

    6 hours ago

    U telling me that Kali Uchis didn’t get jealous when a girl literally twerked the shit out of her in front of don and he asked for it?💀

  • Renan gamer BR

    Renan gamer BR

    6 hours ago

    Haha noob

  • Kyoki


    7 hours ago

    Goated duo



    8 hours ago

    Can anyone explain what flocky flocky means. I know he used it on way bigger too lol

  • Kassandra Godare

    Kassandra Godare

    8 hours ago

    On replay , this song is addictive. Really feeling the beat.

  • The Blue Black

    The Blue Black

    8 hours ago

  • Torrence Hatch

    Torrence Hatch

    9 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure I was tripping but I swear it look like Travis Scott was throwing the forks up

  • Eternal Daylight

    Eternal Daylight

    9 hours ago

  • Hoodgood Money

    Hoodgood Money

    10 hours ago

    Dcott Traliver 🔥🔥

    • New Wave HipHop

      New Wave HipHop

      5 hours ago

      😱 Don toliver inspired new artist 🔥🔥

  • Sandra Jazlowiecki

    Sandra Jazlowiecki

    10 hours ago

    Fucking fall in love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Yūdokuna Sasori

    Yūdokuna Sasori

    10 hours ago

    This nigga look like Freddie Gibbs with braids

    • Michael


      5 hours ago


  • CA Ramiroo Soria

    CA Ramiroo Soria

    11 hours ago

    Don Toliver the future💧🧊🥶🖤

    • New Wave HipHop

      New Wave HipHop

      5 hours ago

      😱 Don Toliver inspired new artist 🔥🔥

  • Davi Jinkings

    Davi Jinkings

    11 hours ago

    Eu nao consigo sair daqui,alguem me tira daqui...

  • Sebastian Blanco

    Sebastian Blanco

    11 hours ago

    2:45 is literally how i act when i sing this 🤝😭

  • Odysseus Da Don

    Odysseus Da Don

    11 hours ago

    Travis been dropping wack verses his whole career basically. No actual rapping ability. Just vocal effects and good beats. Finesse king

  • Babyface Youngin

    Babyface Youngin

    11 hours ago

    Damn I didn’t know kyle massey made music lol

  • Appolis TV

    Appolis TV

    12 hours ago

    If you rock with Don and Travis you gon rock with this



    12 hours ago


  • Janae Nae13

    Janae Nae13

    13 hours ago

    The cuteness is TOO MUCH TO 🐻❤️ BEAR!!!!!

  • VINCY079


    13 hours ago

    Essa música é foda 😍

  • Bartek Fronczewski

    Bartek Fronczewski

    13 hours ago


  • Ali N

    Ali N

    14 hours ago

    Fast cars - strip clubs - alcohol & drugs ✌️

  • ohbrreezy


    14 hours ago

    when dis guy was eating chicken wings in da strip club i died

  • RageWrld Methods

    RageWrld Methods

    14 hours ago

    Tbh At first I never bumped don much until he released lemonade with gunna and nav but overall he is really bumping now that I really pay more attention to him 🤔💯

  • 1 7

    1 7

    14 hours ago

    I love Dons voice he tries not to go hard with it but still does at the same time it's so fucking calming and Travis voice matches his so well

  • Sarah Eubanks

    Sarah Eubanks

    15 hours ago

    Don Toliver went in sooo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them trappers who just be usin that *AUTHENTICVIEWS* to go viral... SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

  • Oskar Wilczyński

    Oskar Wilczyński

    15 hours ago

    zajebiste to

  • CarexI


    15 hours ago

    0:53 When u finish your workout and pull up to the strip club the first thing u wanna do to eat some fucking chicken with rice

  • lil matress

    lil matress

    15 hours ago

    too good, i'm dying

  • ensarjack


    16 hours ago

    The best!

  • Tomas Larsen

    Tomas Larsen

    17 hours ago

    Let's fucking go 🌵

  • Tegridy Rc

    Tegridy Rc

    17 hours ago

    This shit still trending 🙌🙌

  • LJ


    17 hours ago

    A vibe desse som é surreal 🔥🔥🇧🇷



    17 hours ago

    That beats create wave in my blood veins....



    18 hours ago


  • vcto!


    18 hours ago


  • juozas aleksiunas

    juozas aleksiunas

    19 hours ago

    Cheers from Lithuania! :D

  • Ndimaziod_ewidoL


    19 hours ago

    that lil dance Don made at the end had me screaming

  • Joseph


    19 hours ago


  • Stiny


    20 hours ago

    Боже лучший. Афтер парти))

  • Sachin Reddy

    Sachin Reddy

    20 hours ago

    So cool



    20 hours ago

    at least once a day... i listen to this.

  • dark ordaa

    dark ordaa

    21 hour ago

    thanks don n trav

  • eisaman14


    21 hour ago

    my god so much autotune... then again travis scott cant make decent music without autotune.. dude got no talent, mainstream pop star..

    • Mike García

      Mike García

      11 hours ago


  • Usman Molai

    Usman Molai

    21 hour ago

    wow svj bat mobile 🦇

  • Grey Goose

    Grey Goose

    21 hour ago

    They gotta do a mixtape or album

  • Izyn Abdulla

    Izyn Abdulla

    23 hours ago

    Travis and Don = Masterpiece

  • Торговая Марка БИБИГОН

    Торговая Марка БИБИГОН

    23 hours ago


  • Skai Blu

    Skai Blu

    23 hours ago

    1:47 YES LITHUANIA 🇱🇹, thats where im fromm;))!!

  • Jesean


    23 hours ago

    It's the beat for me 🔥🔥...

  • Panda Da Crista

    Panda Da Crista

    Day ago

    beat fodaaaaa

  • SuperNachtAktiv


    Day ago

    why is this uploaded without a date?

  • A. Shakur

    A. Shakur

    Day ago

    crazy flex with the curtains 1:17

  • RaZoR WrAiTh

    RaZoR WrAiTh

    Day ago

    The God of Music Cinema!🌜🌛🌬️👹🎭🤘🏾🌋👻🌍🗺️🌚🌃🌑😈WITNESS TODAY! --->

  • T0ky0_0 489

    T0ky0_0 489

    Day ago

    Travis not allergic to cameras anymore

  • DJ LJ

    DJ LJ

    Day ago


  • Bijal


    Day ago

    Mans living dreams

  • Terrence Oflaherty

    Terrence Oflaherty

    Day ago

    A flight in the morning, a flight to New Orleans.

  • Aliou Camara

    Aliou Camara

    Day ago

    don toliver is a W

    • New Wave HipHop

      New Wave HipHop

      5 hours ago

      😱 Don toliver inspired new artist 🔥🔥

  • Papa Bless

    Papa Bless

    Day ago

    I fucking love how you’re getting all the recognition and love! Well deserved! Love you Don and your music! Please never stop! 🏄🏻‍♀️

  • nobel dawit

    nobel dawit

    Day ago

    i love those 2 super dudes

  • King Loco

    King Loco

    Day ago


  • Naruto Xls

    Naruto Xls

    Day ago

    Que vibe mano essa é pura🤤🎶🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • tyler chock

    tyler chock

    Day ago


  • Lil Jeday

    Lil Jeday

    Day ago

    i'll be back in the Morning Don Kill it and Travis as well

  • NOLA Ram B

    NOLA Ram B

    Day ago

    Nola baby!!!

  • Jenay Renee

    Jenay Renee

    Day ago

    But @2:52 is why i came.

  • Lucas Spera

    Lucas Spera

    Day ago

    jackboys vibess

  • AMR’s Custom Jewelry

    AMR’s Custom Jewelry

    Day ago

    1:32 for La Flames verse

  • Ca$ht


    Day ago

    At the lean with the moly !

  • Anthony Love And God First

    Anthony Love And God First

    Day ago


  • Victor Guilherme

    Victor Guilherme

    Day ago


  • All About Bands Entertainment™

    All About Bands Entertainment™

    Day ago


  • Андрей Ермольник

    Андрей Ермольник

    Day ago

    Best song 2021 thnx Travis