Team Medium Rare or Well Done?

Published on Sep 23, 2021
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Are you team Medium Rare or Well Done? 🥩

A raging debate more controversial than ones political beliefs, that I’m sure will continue in the comment section. Here is my perspective:

People should enjoy what they like and should not be judged for it. However, I do believe that objectively, certain cuts are optimized at different temperatures based on 3 variables: tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. Here are some examples:

Filet mignon: extremely lean and tender meaning it will quickly deteriorate and dry out if over cooked. For that reason a low temperature between 120-130F (rare) is often preferred. Cook a filet to 165F (well done) and the result will be extremely dry.

Brisket: filled with collagen and extremely tough, only becoming tender and juicy at high temps. Taking it up to a high internal temp between 200-210F (well done) is preferred. Cook a brisket to medium rare, and the result will be inedibly chewy.

As such, internal temps are highly dependent on the cut of beef itself!

Another critical piece of information is that some cultures commonly consume cuts that are optimized at lower temps while others primarily eat cuts that are high in collagen and require “well done”. I think this contributes to such strong and often conflicting opinions of the best way to cook beef.

With that said, I highly encourage you to continue experimenting and finding your own preference.
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Max the Meat Guy
Max the Meat Guy
  • Ty Thats It

    Ty Thats It

    42 minutes ago

    That juice is blood 🧠

  • Zairus Gwapo

    Zairus Gwapo

    3 hours ago

    I've never eaten medium rare.

  • _Impact


    7 hours ago

    Yeah cause a opinion is a fact

  • rowbo_27 _

    rowbo_27 _

    7 hours ago

    The answer is that It doesn't

  • Tom Leeno

    Tom Leeno

    8 hours ago

    Thats not juice, thats blood yugi boy

  • Emanuel Frei

    Emanuel Frei

    11 hours ago

    Its dont well done its through

  • K FLY

    K FLY

    11 hours ago

    It's literally full of blood raw 🤮🤮🤮🤮 well done ftw

    • SirNilzey


      8 hours ago

      Might as well throw it in the trash if you do it well-done. Sacrilegious and heretical to waste meat like that.

  • Bartek Antas

    Bartek Antas

    13 hours ago

    I like medium well

  • M. Rizki Bachtiar D.

    M. Rizki Bachtiar D.

    23 hours ago

    I don't know why. But I prefer well done steak hehe

  • Fergus Flopper

    Fergus Flopper

    23 hours ago

    In the end this is a matter of opinion, I like my steaks medium-rare, but my stepdad likes well done(like no juices or redness), I don’t agree with him, but I have had well done meat that I thought was good, and I have had medium-rare meat that I didn’t really like either. Whatever you like I will (try to) respect your opinion.

  • ia_mopar_nerd


    Day ago

    Medium rare/well for me!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Original Master

    Original Master

    Day ago

    Depends its subjective, some folk like myself want to eat the meat without the bloody juices...

  • Woahh_😉


    Day ago

    Perfectly done

  • Coxy Normous

    Coxy Normous

    Day ago

    Well done is basically like eating a leather boot.

  • Jayy Cruze

    Jayy Cruze

    Day ago

    Dawg That steak looked hella soft I’ll stick w/ well done lol

  • Adhiraj Pun

    Adhiraj Pun

    Day ago

    That’s raw as fuck

  • a steez

    a steez

    Day ago

    that’s not juice that’s cooked blood

  • Yahegao


    Day ago

    Medium rare everytime. Anybody who says otherwise is a troglodite with no taste buds, except God-Emperor Trump, who can do what he wants.

  • Pelaajamies 2

    Pelaajamies 2

    Day ago

    I like a medium ++ steak

  • Αλεξανδρος Χατζηγιουβανακης

    Αλεξανδρος Χατζηγιουβανακης

    Day ago

    Like Gordon Ramsay said before a good vet could save this animal

  •  Oxeltron


    Day ago

    Perfectly done

  • Gandalf


    Day ago

    Learn to cook steak lmao

  • Chupp


    2 days ago

    I don't talk to well don't steak people 😂

  • Jonathan Orr

    Jonathan Orr

    2 days ago

    I’m sorry you had to waste a steak to prove your point.

  • Tee


    2 days ago

    yea I’m not chewing through the left & im not putting the right in my mouth , gonna have to meet me in the middle. Medium well

  • Adrian Jerry

    Adrian Jerry

    2 days ago

    Is this a rhetorical question?

  • Gaming with me

    Gaming with me

    2 days ago

    Medium rare of Cours

  • An Equestrian's Journey

    An Equestrian's Journey

    2 days ago

    Team right inbetween

  • Donovan/の• Shingeki

    Donovan/の• Shingeki

    2 days ago

    It looks more rare than medium rare tbh

  • aidan penner

    aidan penner

    2 days ago

    Bro that ain’t medium rare that’s still alive id still have to stab in to it too kill it

  • Darin Lustig

    Darin Lustig

    2 days ago

    Bot to sound dumb but well done looks actually edible

  • Graham Hackney

    Graham Hackney

    2 days ago

    i definitely prefer medium rare over the desert in my mouth

  • Jihad Toom

    Jihad Toom

    2 days ago

    I used to eat steaks well done and would chew on it alot to the point my jaw gets tired… i tried it medium well it was still chewy but far less than well done eventually i tried it medium rare and it was so tender and juicy i slapped myself for ever eating any meat well do e

  • Raghav Tikoo

    Raghav Tikoo

    2 days ago

    Is their a rare chicken?

  • Emmanuel May

    Emmanuel May

    2 days ago

    Might as well slaughter the cow and eat it right then and there



    2 days ago


  • Dark drag0nx

    Dark drag0nx

    2 days ago

    That ain’t medium rare

  • bird guy lonic

    bird guy lonic

    2 days ago

    I only like well done

  • Stefano Xmarina

    Stefano Xmarina

    2 days ago

    I love well done

  • Mario Ivan Z

    Mario Ivan Z

    2 days ago

    No thanks

  • Keith Donnell

    Keith Donnell

    2 days ago

    That well done steak makes me super sad 😭

  • Andres Avila

    Andres Avila

    3 days ago

    Eso de la derecha está crudo a punto vivo

    • MrPabloc123


      Day ago


  • Jacob Lee

    Jacob Lee

    3 days ago

    Medium > medium rare

  • Christian


    3 days ago


  • Fishing with Mike

    Fishing with Mike

    3 days ago

    “Why E. coli tastes better then well done”.

  • RGamer404


    3 days ago

    Of course well done 👌🔥

  • Griswold the goblin

    Griswold the goblin

    3 days ago

    Well done is better imo 😍

  • Goochie Thanos

    Goochie Thanos

    3 days ago

    Well done is good if you use it right. But steak has to be medium rare

  • Hyper prase

    Hyper prase

    3 days ago

    Chicken team !

  • Hootix


    3 days ago

    This is the same as asking
    Chicken leg or breast?
    A very dumb question.

  • Apex


    3 days ago

    I am medium.

  • Jedi


    3 days ago

    I prefer medium-well to well because of taste, personal opinion

  • IV0RY


    3 days ago

    How do you people eat a half cocked food? I mean might as well go and kill a cow and eat it

  • Mark Sanchez

    Mark Sanchez

    3 days ago

    Its not juices its blood

  • Mindset Change

    Mindset Change

    3 days ago

    I see why people who eat medium rare have high blood pressure.

  • Shortskits Jr

    Shortskits Jr

    3 days ago

    That’s blue lmfao

  • Alejandro Alvarez

    Alejandro Alvarez

    3 days ago

    Bro just go bite a cow

  • Keegan Mercurio

    Keegan Mercurio

    3 days ago

    I've tried white grandma well done steaks Grey and with salt and pepper put on afterwards and couldn't even soak the meat theyre less filling I would probably have to eat 30+Oz to be full well done is ok but not to be eaten like a normal steak

  • Fuck Off

    Fuck Off

    3 days ago

    Lol, u people really eat medium looks gross..i usually eat medium well, its the best one..

  • PaganiniGD


    3 days ago

    I can tell by your eyes that you enjoy the well done more

  • Dawn D

    Dawn D

    4 days ago

    Asian parents definitely will choose well done

  • Dre4k


    4 days ago

    I don't give a damn how much juice in there I'm not eating no raw steak😂

  • OhShesAlex


    4 days ago

    Y’all gon catch them tapeworms in rare meat

  • Darío Sebastián Fernández

    Darío Sebastián Fernández

    4 days ago

    Muuu muuuuu. It is alive it's a miracle XD

  • Diego


    4 days ago

    I don’t care bro medium rare is raw

  • Jayden Harris

    Jayden Harris

    4 days ago

    I bet yall dont talk about medium well tho

  • Jordan P

    Jordan P

    4 days ago

    I like mine at a perfect medium.

  • Lebgamer Ps4

    Lebgamer Ps4

    4 days ago

    Well done is better

  • juanprz


    4 days ago

    People just don't understand that the red isn't blood.

  • Chris Perez

    Chris Perez

    4 days ago

    Can you not used the juices from the bag??? As a baster for the well done steak?

  • Sebastian


    4 days ago

    you can make a sauce with the juice be reducing it and butter it

  • H.mutawa


    4 days ago

    how about no?

  • Daron Hill Jr.

    Daron Hill Jr.

    4 days ago

    I need medium well



    4 days ago

    Medium well is my favorite for strip steaks

  • Toddy


    4 days ago

    Well done is better.

  • RX- Jailbreaker

    RX- Jailbreaker

    4 days ago

    Damn sucks for me

  • Gajaraj Maharjan

    Gajaraj Maharjan

    4 days ago

    So by that logic, raw meat should taste better 😂

  • Sir A

    Sir A

    4 days ago

    Perfectly done

    • AKP 0914

      AKP 0914

      4 days ago

      Shut up mate

  • Jethro Sibayan

    Jethro Sibayan

    4 days ago

    In the Philippines you can't serve the food if it's still flesh or has a blood

  • Vigorous M7amad

    Vigorous M7amad

    4 days ago

    Im team medium well

  • Phenom


    4 days ago

    Well done is better more juices cause it doesn’t have blood xd

  • Jose perez

    Jose perez

    4 days ago

    Yall psychos

  • sharlene Edwards

    sharlene Edwards

    4 days ago

    Yeah but some people like well done

  • KiePPassA Official

    KiePPassA Official

    5 days ago


  • IcePhoenix


    5 days ago

    I just hate the look of blood in my steak, and the texture of medium rare makes me gag. So I just prefer well done, it still tastes great.

  • RIUS


    5 days ago

    Team Medium ✊✊✊✊✊

  • Reuben Hay

    Reuben Hay

    5 days ago

    If you get a saw jaw from eating a well done eat a teaspoon of cement and harden the fuck up

  • FZRwolfgaming


    5 days ago

    No I like it cooked not rare, medium rare, or well done, I want it cooked

  • Ian


    5 days ago

    If you want to do a well done, cook with butter

  • Tiziano Messina

    Tiziano Messina

    5 days ago

    Well done all life

  • Alvaro Gutierrez Lugo

    Alvaro Gutierrez Lugo

    5 days ago

    Termino Muuuuu

  • Bohdan Orlov

    Bohdan Orlov

    5 days ago

    Everyone will just ignore the fact he didn’t cook a medium rare steak but a rare one?

  • asaka lamport

    asaka lamport

    5 days ago

    Mmmm raw meat lol

  • Eugene Chmukh

    Eugene Chmukh

    5 days ago

    When you say juices you mean blood 🤮

  • It’s called Funny moments and entertainment

    It’s called Funny moments and entertainment

    5 days ago

    I guess if you make well done that would prob be more for sauce

  • Leo_R.


    5 days ago

    In my opinion a burger has to be well done and a steak should be medium rare

  • Andrew Collier

    Andrew Collier

    5 days ago

    Well done is like rubber

  • Outfall


    5 days ago

    Depends on the cut if it’s a beefy cut like ribeye I’ll have that red all the way, but if it’s say a fillet that tastes like nothing I like a nice sear

  • luccsen5


    5 days ago

    But u are eating half raw meat and u can get sick

  • غمدان الشايف

    غمدان الشايف

    5 days ago

    Yea I prefer well I’m good on blood

    • FaZe Walter

      FaZe Walter

      5 days ago

      Aint blood