Identical TWINS? Welcome to My Life

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When her twin moved in with us, I didn't think it was going to be a problem. Of course, things started getting a little...creepy

Jay & Sharon
Jay & Sharon
  • Patricia Wade

    Patricia Wade

    2 hours ago

    LOl so funny

  • Dark Light Motion

    Dark Light Motion

    9 hours ago

    congrats on the transition

  • Michael


    Day ago

    Super gay

  • Joy Ghosh

    Joy Ghosh

    Day ago

    Wow they look exactly the same I don't know how do you tell the difference at night 😂😂

  • MultipleBoi


    Day ago

    Well does her wife know he is cheating on her?

  • Allee Ohare

    Allee Ohare

    Day ago

    Hahaha lamo

  • Lame Potato (*•﹏•)

    Lame Potato (*•﹏•)

    Day ago

    "A lot of People have trouble telling them apart" 💀💀💀💀
    What people are you surrounded by Jay? 💀💀

  • Levi Cardenas

    Levi Cardenas

    Day ago

    i didn't saw that coming wait did i see gay GAY REPORT

  • Hi Lamon

    Hi Lamon

    Day ago

    Aren't they fraternal twins?

  • 🔥Swaggy Autumn🔥

    🔥Swaggy Autumn🔥

    2 days ago

    Why does that look like his twin??

  • Jaleeya Jordan

    Jaleeya Jordan

    2 days ago

    Man I love your videos! There just to funny🤣

  • li ying chen

    li ying chen

    2 days ago

    Sooooo identical

  • ajnAMars , Inc.

    ajnAMars , Inc.

    2 days ago

    Dizygotic Twins.

  • jshjnsn


    2 days ago

    Love you guy ! Best content ever !

  • Trident Gameing

    Trident Gameing

    2 days ago


  • Have A Great Day!

    Have A Great Day!

    2 days ago

    Well,that escalated quickly 👁️👄👁️



    2 days ago

    Ran out of that house

  • Brechelle Thomas

    Brechelle Thomas

    3 days ago

    That’s your twin

  • 05 -Anna Ison

    05 -Anna Ison

    3 days ago

    I love to watch your videos 🤣🤣🤣.....u have the most expected twists than a hollywood thriller movie could have 😂😂😂😂

  • blahblahblah


    3 days ago

    I was in class today and this started flashing in my mind FOR NO REASON! I'm done for!

  • Shellon Simon

    Shellon Simon

    3 days ago


  • Shellon Simon

    Shellon Simon

    3 days ago


  • Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia

    3 days ago


  • Drewberry Lau

    Drewberry Lau

    3 days ago

    U don’t look like twin

  • Ilikedogs


    3 days ago

    I don’t see the difference

  • amelia black

    amelia black

    3 days ago

    Isn't the identical twin the one his wife cheated on?!?! 😱

  • gogoBrooklyn Jones

    gogoBrooklyn Jones

    3 days ago

    What he is a man and why

  • Megan Lewis

    Megan Lewis

    3 days ago

    I had to watch this three times to tell them apart, wow sooo identical

  • Tell me your worries. Caz am listening.

    Tell me your worries. Caz am listening.

    4 days ago


  • JahJahxyz


    4 days ago

    Wait isn’t that your twin not your wife’s twin

  • LemonMelon


    4 days ago

    'her' twin

  • Vishal


    4 days ago


  • Nugget


    4 days ago

    It’s pretty obvious it’s not her twin

  • Coolguy 2.0

    Coolguy 2.0

    4 days ago

    Which one? The one with the phone?

  • Clash Devil

    Clash Devil

    4 days ago

    For those of you who didn't get it, it's an asian joke

  • Christine teeters

    Christine teeters

    4 days ago

    Are these videos that you post real

  • -_swap


    4 days ago

    Whats the song?

  • anitalake1


    5 days ago

    Just run i don't trust that look in his eyes

  • Chinmaya Jena

    Chinmaya Jena

    5 days ago

    The thing that makes me feel weird is “identical twin” when it is a sister & brother

  • shykai Hare

    shykai Hare

    5 days ago

    I thought the twin was a girl but actually it was a boy the was so cool lol

  • Kelvin Moran

    Kelvin Moran

    5 days ago

    0:08 BIG

  • Jdjdjd Jd

    Jdjdjd Jd

    5 days ago




    5 days ago


  • Elijah Jacques

    Elijah Jacques

    5 days ago


  • scorpo2007


    5 days ago

    All plot twists in your videos make me smile

  • Muzzy Ma

    Muzzy Ma

    5 days ago


  • Goochie Thanos

    Goochie Thanos

    5 days ago

    The kiss 🤣🤣🤣

  • It’s bad bad art

    It’s bad bad art

    5 days ago

    Can you think that’s your twin

  • gargi Sonakiya

    gargi Sonakiya

    5 days ago

    Can you please upload bts clips? I just can't imagine how you guys film it without having any expression of laughter?

  • zena theressa ramoran

    zena theressa ramoran

    5 days ago

    Wtf his wife twin got em hahah

  • zena theressa ramoran

    zena theressa ramoran

    5 days ago

    So ez

  • zena theressa ramoran

    zena theressa ramoran

    5 days ago

    Oh no no no my job 💪💪

  • Reema Ali

    Reema Ali

    5 days ago

    When human use 110% of their brain 🧠… Genius!

  • Prince Ceria

    Prince Ceria

    5 days ago

    So it's fake

  • ZenoJohn. SABAHAN

    ZenoJohn. SABAHAN

    5 days ago

    Adam apple😆😆

  • Cyprux


    5 days ago

    He is a swag

  • Teresa San miguel

    Teresa San miguel

    5 days ago

    Its a boy😦😅🥲😩pls its a boy its easy

  • DumbMeInGacha


    6 days ago

    They don’t look identical but I think her twin is gay and likes you even though your not-

  • 🥔random potato 🥔

    🥔random potato 🥔

    6 days ago

    Wow I've never seen anyone with a twin so identical just...WOW

  • TOP ELEVEN Lovers mobile

    TOP ELEVEN Lovers mobile

    6 days ago

    Holy fuck 🤣

  • 09. Dixit Arnav Shriram

    09. Dixit Arnav Shriram

    6 days ago

    I have bingewatched him 4 times every video 😂🤣

  • james francis

    james francis

    6 days ago

    The plot twist is extraordinary 👌

  • Jesica_Mk💖


    6 days ago

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Wow

  • Shredder


    6 days ago


  • Kiran


    6 days ago


  • RussellSprouts


    6 days ago

    took me a while to figure out....

  • Mylene Wong

    Mylene Wong

    6 days ago

    But her identicle twin IS A BOY DUDE.

    • CurlyPigeon


      6 days ago


  • Dylan. S

    Dylan. S

    6 days ago

    I was not expecting that too funny

  • ♡ Ayanø ♡

    ♡ Ayanø ♡

    7 days ago

    Gay 😏 🏳️‍🌈

  • Espi


    7 days ago


  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    7 days ago

    Rooting for this new ship #yet another day of finding a new CP

  • Frog lover136

    Frog lover136

    7 days ago


  • JB world Kerala

    JB world Kerala

    7 days ago

    He must be gay 😂😂

  • christa


    7 days ago

    A boy hahah

  • Bluestar Rose

    Bluestar Rose

    7 days ago

    This guy gives me Raymond vibes from Everybody loves Raymond

    • bocoy noiu

      bocoy noiu

      7 days ago

      calls 911

  • kacy


    7 days ago

    Are you sure about that that is a boy

  • Shruthy V

    Shruthy V

    7 days ago

    They are not identical 😂

  • cerieal


    7 days ago

    we support gay rights over here

  • El Wray

    El Wray

    7 days ago

    Omg sub!

  • Nobody Somebodiev

    Nobody Somebodiev

    7 days ago

    Confusion of da highest orda!

  • ABE


    7 days ago

    Ngl I'd probably be flirting too.....

    God damn.....
    Oh I think I'm gonna c..
    Come back to my senses
    Anyway, Jay looks pretty fine tho

  • Noah B.

    Noah B.

    7 days ago

    it's funny but identical twins can't be different genders biologically. RIP

  • Josh Lee

    Josh Lee

    7 days ago

    Female got em too

  • Simply Sage

    Simply Sage

    7 days ago

    Idk why I had to watch it multiple times to understand 😭

    • CheeseBurger


      7 days ago

      Same 😭

  • Malik Hernandez

    Malik Hernandez

    7 days ago


  • pops lagnen

    pops lagnen

    7 days ago

    Whenever i finish watching his videos my mouth is always wide open lol no joke tho fr

  • GameKnight TDDC

    GameKnight TDDC

    7 days ago

    Get beaned

  • Myah Ramirez

    Myah Ramirez

    7 days ago


  • Lacie Wiseman

    Lacie Wiseman

    7 days ago

    *calls 911*

  • Artemis Riazinajad

    Artemis Riazinajad

    8 days ago

    Like my GUYYYY please dude he is literally the opposite gender🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Xhinope


    8 days ago

    Pretty sure that's your wife flirting with you. The Twin's been ignoring you

  • Jerry Myers

    Jerry Myers

    8 days ago

    Song name?

  • Presley Jane

    Presley Jane

    8 days ago


  • Kathy Sims

    Kathy Sims

    8 days ago

    Omg 😆

  • passingthrough


    8 days ago

    *Alot of people have trouble telling them apart*

  • Jessica Venzke

    Jessica Venzke

    8 days ago

    My guy that's your twin and that's sus

  • SparkierGaming


    8 days ago

    He has ingrown hairs pull them out lol

  • the Leo's ♌

    the Leo's ♌

    8 days ago

    The difference is boy

  • meylin ochoa

    meylin ochoa

    8 days ago


  • MadManMike1400


    8 days ago